CB RF 26.10.2021 23.10.2021
RUB/USD 70.1345 70.8623
RUB/EUR 81.7418 82.4979

Exchange Rates in Mezhgore, Russia

October 25, 2021

Bank /
At least one branch working time
US Dollar
Buy Sell
Check Time
The best exchange rates68,00 71,73
Sberbank Sberbank 68,00 71,73
09:00 - 18:30
today, 19:08:06

Currency rate table contains relevant information about the ruble exchange rate to the US dollar and euro in banks. Information on exchange rates robot automatically updates from bank sites every 2 minutes. In addition, information on exchange rates in Mezhgore can be placed online at kovalut.ru directly by a bank employee.